Visual curiosity and exploration is my native language. I want to see and know more about whatever catches my eye!  Art in all forms makes up the vocabulary of that language.

As a child growing up I lived on a farm surrounded by orchards, woods and rolling fields 15 minutes from the metropolitan area of Portland, Oregon.  That language of curiosity and exploration was able to grow from spending many hours totally immersed in that environment.
The majority of the art that I was exposed to during my childhood was brought home by my parents from various trips they made related to my my fathers shipping business. Art and artifacts would arrive via one of the cargo ships from the family company’s voyages. Things like an elephant for the Portland Zoo arrived when I was 8 and in later years a tea house for the Japanese Gardens there. The beautiful oriental vases, plates, carved ivory pieces as well as screens entered our home after whatever business trip was made, mainly to the Far East. Over the years since then, all of these memories from the past have surely influenced my art that I have created in the past 20 years.
I really don’t remember going to any kind of museum until I attended Mount Vernon Junior College in Washington DC. I took Art History from this wonderful woman who took us to the museums and galleries once a week to look at art. That was my first exposure and I was hooked!
I completed my Art Major at San Jose State in California and then I got married, a totally different story.
In the early 70s my husband and I moved to his home state of Texas, a new adventure for me.  We became a part of the art world there and were actively involved with the Houston MFA as docents as well as socially. We were able to meet many interesting art collectors as well as famous artists. It was magical. It was the Andy Warhol era in New York as well as the introduction of the new Mies Van der Rohe wing to the museum and the Opening of the Contemporary Art Museum nearby.  Our home was not far away from any of this.  Through Frederika Hunter and Ian Glennie at the Texas Gallery we were able to meet many up and coming contemporary artists such as Frank Gehry, Linda Benglis, Billy Al Bengston, Chuck Arnoldi and Ed Rusha as well as many others. My exposure to art exploded along with raising children and driving the carpool.
All of that was accomplished before the age of 30!
Time passed and life went on .  I worked as an Interior Designer and color consultant in Santa Fe and Telluride. There seemed to be very little time for art unless it was job related.

Now we are here and I seem to have the time and still enough energy to pack as much art in as possible. 

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